• A. Drink B. Self Heating System A. Drink B. Self Heating System
  • 1. Flip & Open the Bottom Lid 1. Flip & Open the Bottom Lid
  • 2. Press on the blue capsule 2. Press on the blue capsule
  • 3. Flip when steam appears 3. Flip when steam appears
  • 4. Stir gently & wait 3 minutes 4. Stir gently & wait 3 minutes
  • 5. Open & enjoy 5. Open & enjoy
Aventura Self Heating
Aventura Self Heating

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  • Hot in 3 minutes Hot in 3 minutes
  • Self Heating Self Heating
  • No electricity No electricity
  • Quality Assured Quality Assured
  • Produced in the EU Produced in the EU

Frequently asked questions

Within the self-heating can, there are two compartments. The first contains coloured water and Calcium Oxide (Quick Lime), and the second contains 205 ml of ready-to-drink beverage. Both compartments are separated from each other and never in direct contact. When pressing on the transparent container on the bottom of the self-heating can (after removing the bottom lid), an aluminium foil inside breaks allowing the water to come into contact with the Calcium Oxide. An exothermic natural reaction then starts which generates heat. The heat is then transferred to the beverage through the tinplate of the inner can which separates both of these compartments. It takes 3 minutes in total, to increase +42°C above ambient temperature.

Your beverage will remain hot for about 20 minutes after activation. The temperature will reach its peak after the first 3 minutes.

Steam will come out from the bottom of the can around 15-30 seconds after you press down on the can. This is a normal part of the self-heating process. The natural exothermic reaction between water and calcium oxide generates steam. Once you see the steam turn the can to the right side up again and stir softly for a few seconds, and your favourite drink is hot in 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes the beverage or soup inside the self-heating product has increased its temperature by approximately 42˚C over its initial ambient temperature.

That means that if the storage temperature of your can was 20˚C, then the product will be a delicious 62˚C. 

We suggest that you store the products between 5˚C-30˚C for the optimal product and for the reaction to work as intended.

Calcium oxide (CaO) is also commonly known as Quicklime and is a widely used chemical compound primarily in construction. It is a white rock at room temperature. Uniquely, when calcium oxide reacts with water to create calcium hydroxide, the reaction releases a lot of energy in the form of heat. Since it is a non-combustible material, the chemical reaction is ideal for heating your beverages and soups inside your self-heating can.