How Does The Product Work

Within the self-heating can, there are two compartments. The first contains coloured water and Calcium Oxide (Quick Lime), and the second contains 205 ml of ready-to-drink beverage. Both compartments are separated from each other and never in direct contact. When pressing on the transparent container on the bottom of the self-heating can (after removing the bottom lid), an aluminium foil inside breaks allowing the water to come into contact with the Calcium Oxide. An exothermic natural reaction then starts which generates heat. The heat is then transferred to the beverage through the tinplate of the inner can which separates both of these compartments. It takes 3 minutes in total, to increase +42°C above ambient temperature.

An exothermic reaction releases energy, usually in the form of heat or light when chemicals come into contact. The reaction between Water and Calcium Oxide will result in Calcium Hydroxide and heat. Our self-heating cans will reach its peak heat after 3 minutes.

Calcium oxide (CaO) is also commonly known as Quicklime and is a widely used chemical compound primarily in construction. It is a white rock at room temperature. Uniquely, when calcium oxide reacts with water to create calcium hydroxide, the reaction releases a lot of energy in the form of heat. Since it is a non-combustible material, the chemical reaction is ideal for heating your beverages and soups inside your self-heating can.

Steam will come out from the bottom of the can around 15-30 seconds after you press down on the can. This is a normal part of the self-heating process. The natural exothermic reaction between water and calcium oxide generates steam. Once you see the steam turn the can to the right side up again and stir softly for a few seconds, and your favourite drink is hot in 3 minutes.

The final temperature of the product will vary depending on if your have a soup or beverage.

After 3 minutes the beverage or soup inside the self-heating product has increased its temperature by 30-40˚C over its initial ambient temperature.

That means that if the storage temperature of your can was 20˚C, then the product will be a delicious 50-60˚C. 

We suggest that you store the products between 5˚C-30˚C for the optimal product and for the reaction to work as intended.

Your beverage will remain hot for about 20 minutes after activation. The temperature will reach its peak after the first 3 minutes.

About the Products

The product has a 24-month shelf life from the date of production. 

You can find the product’s expiration date visible on the top lid.

We recommend that you store your self-heating can in a dry place with temperatures ranging from 5˚C-30˚C.

All our product labels include specific nutritional facts, ingredients and information associated with the soup or beverage. 

Please make sure to always check the label if you have any dietary restrictions before consuming the self-heating product.

No. Our self-heating cans have 2 separate compartments. The 1st compartment has your drink or soup. The 2nd compartment is where the natural reaction takes place and is completely isolated. Only heat from the reaction compartment will be transferred to the drink, for you to enjoy something hot for your adventures!

We are growing every day and becoming more and more available to everyone that needs it.

Please contact us directly by email so that we can help you get your own self-heating products.

Yes! The 42 Degrees Company’s self-heating products all use natural, and non-combustible reactions which means that the products are safe for everyone!

The reaction takes place inside a tinplate container fully isolated and hermetically sealed from your favourite flavours of beverages and soups.

However, do not allow children to activate the can without adult supervision.

Who is The 42 Degrees Company

Yes! We are very proud to be the only producer of self-heating cans of beverages and soups.

We do everything in our purpose-built factory that is located in Spain. We assemble the can, fill your favourite flavours, and label and ship the products all over the world.

Yes. Together with our internationally recognised suppliers, we develop our recipes based on feedback from our different markets.

The recipes are created and tested by our in-house quality control department before being market tested by a panel group to make sure we have flavours loved by all our customers!

Our production facility follows all international food best practices to make sure our products are of the highest quality. As well as ensure we follow all local requirements in your country.

We are FDA certified, as well hold Halal dietary certifications in the factory.

We are also expecting to receive BRC and IFS certifications for our factory this year, which will confirm our focus on quality for our self-heating products.

Our production facility is located in Valladolid, Spain. However, we ship worldwide straight from our factory.

Distributors, Retailers and Humanitarian Partners

Yes! Our product is very helpful when it comes to food aid in areas of human or natural disasters. Since our product requires no electricity, batteries, or external sources of energy, you are able to have a hot soup or beverage anywhere.

Our product is also ideal to provide people in need with a sanitary, convenient and safe way to have a hot soup or hot beverage.

If you are interested in our products for humanitarian situations, please contact us directly on

Yes! Please contact us so that we can understand your project and understand your needs.

Please contact us directly with information about your location, business and interest on our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to our cooperation together!

Customs and Import Fees

You don't need to pay customs fees when shopping in the EU.

For all other locations, you may face customs charges issued by your local customs authority. Please see below for further information.

Yes! Please contGoods - such as the Aventura Self Heating products you buy - can't just move freely between countries. When goods are imported into a different country or customs territory, there is a charge called 'Customs Duty' that is charged by the local customs authority where the goods are being imported into.

If a Customs Duty is required by your local territory, you'll be responsible for paying that duty to your local authorities. Whether Customs Duty is payable, and by how much, depends on your country’s local regulations.

If you do have to pay Customs Duty, the amount is usually calculated based on the value of the goods and the type of goods being imported.act us so that we can understand your project and understand your needs.

If you decide to refuse to pay the customs duty fee, we must confirm with the courier that your parcel will be returned back to us before processing a refund for your order and in some instances a shipping and handling fee may be deducted from your refund.

If you're still unsure of whether you'll be subject to customs fees, we recommend contacting your local customs office for more information before placing your order.

Sales Tax, also known as VAT, is a tax charged on the supply of goods or services. Aventura Self Heating is registered for Sales Tax in all of the countries it ships to, so we'll charge you the Sales Tax as part of the checkout process. We collect Sales Tax from you on behalf of the local tax authorities and we then pay this directly to the local tax authority.

How Do I Track My Order

You'll receive an email once your order has shipped with the title "Your Order is on the way", that has your tracking link. You can also log into your Aventura Self Heating Account and track your order from there!

If you already have an Aventura Self Heating account you can follow the instructions below:

  • Log into your Account
  • Check the order status for your order.
  • If the order has been shipped, select the order
  • Click on the tracking link to be directed to your tracking information

Otherwise, you can use the link you recieved in your shipping confirmation email.

No need to worry! Usually, tracking numbers are updated with couriers every 24-48 hours, however, additional delays may occur while your order is in transit.

Firstly, check your tracking information to understand if your order has been held up by the courier due to issues such as an incorrect address or because of other reasons like Customs Fees.

If you've realised that you've entered an incorrect or incomplete address, please see “I Want To Change My Order Address”.

If your tracking information hasn't been updated in a few days, don't worry, your order should still be on the way to you. However, if your tracking hasn't been updated in 6+ working days please get in touch with us directly so that we are able to assist you.

I Want to Change My Order

Unfortunately, we’re not able to make any changes to your order once you have confirmed and placed your order at checkout. This includes anything related to:

  • Changing the item or flavour
  • Delivery and/or billing address
  • Adding/removing items to your order
  • Shipping method

However, you can return or exchange the items once it has been delivered.

If you have incorrectly inputted your address at checkout and the order has been confirmed, sadly, we can't change the address with the courier once the order is placed. However, it may be possible to update your delivery requirements with the courier by contacting them directly.

If for any reason your order can't be delivered, the courier will return it to us and you’ll receive an automatic refund once the parcel has reached our warehouse. You can keep an eye on your tracking information for any updates.

If your order hasn't shipped yet, please wait until you receive your tracking email so you can provide the courier with the tracking number and they may be able to amend this for you.

If your order has shipped, please contact the courier directly ASAP as they may be able to help.

It is important to know that if you input the incorrect address at checkout, we can not be held accountable if the order goes missing, meaning we're not liable to refund or replace this order.

My Order is Wrong

Firstly, please check your shipping confirmation email titled "Your order is on the way" to see if your order is being shipped in separate packages.

Whilst we try to get your order to you in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, there's a possibility that your order may come in more than one shipment. One of the reasons for this is due to stock availability or weight.

This means your items won't necessarily be shipped at the same time and you may receive an email advising that 'Some items in your order are on the way'. If this happens please don't worry, the remainder of the items in your order will arrive shortly afterwards You can keep an eye on your orders through your Aventura Self Heating Account.

If your order has been split into more than one shipment, you'll see a 'Partially Fulfilled' status, meaning some items in your order will be delivered separately.

This is completely normal and there is no need to contact our support team if you see this status. However, if you do not receive the other part(s) of your order within 7 days, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can help you.

In the unlikely event you're missing an item, or have received a wrong item/order, please contact us immediately with the following information and we'll sort that right away;

  • Your order number
  • The name of the item you didn't receive
  • A photo and the name of the item you have received (if the wrong item)

Once we've received the above info, our Customer Support team will get this sorted for you immediately!


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